We want you to be able to drive safely for a fair price!

Seatbelt Specialist believes in specialism. You cannot know everything about every field. We believe that if you are good in 1 field, you can help customers the best. 

Why seatbeltspecialist.com?

We treat every customer as we would like to be treated ourselves. If something is wrong, we will solve it. We have everything in stock in our own warehouse in Zevenaar. No dropshipping from China. Ordered today until 4 p.m. is shipped today and therefore generally shipped tomorrow. Don't wait 3-4 weeks before having it. Only quality products. After all, we are dealing with safety. No mess, but really good products.

Our range is very wide, we have various types of seat belts in our range and no color is too crazy for us. We have universal belts in many colors in stock as standard. We can also offer many solutions in the field of customization. The universal seat belts are cheaper than the original seat belts, in the meantime we no longer only supply the standard 3-point seat belt, but there are various models available, all of which have an E24 (ECE 16R) quality mark.

The last missing link was the replacement of the seat belt on the existing original seat belt. This is a very affordable solution if your seat belt cannot be replaced by a universal seat belt. In addition, we also handle raw materials responsibly, as the original product is retained.

If we cannot offer a solution to you as a customer, we will check whether a used belt can be found somewhere through a scrap yard. Purely as a service. Because we believe in specialization. We also like to think "outside the box", if your vehicle does not fit a standard belt solution, we are happy to think along with you about a tailor-made product, a tailor-made belt. A great deal is often possible in the field of customization. So do you have special wishes for special vehicles or perhaps not at all for use in vehicles but in certain machines, please ask us

In short: We offer a complete range of seat belt solutions for various vehicles. From cars to campers and even in trikes, karts, touring cars or oldtimers.

We want to help you safely on your way by always offering a suitable solution through our specialization!

Team Seatbelt Specialist