We want to expand and are looking for you!

We want to expand our reseller network and are currently looking for resellers in different countries.

Our products all have the correct e-mark certificates for all vehicle types (cars, minivans, vans). Many other resellers only have vans but they sell it universal as if it it tested for all vehicle types. We do certainly not and will always inform our customers if it is not suitable for their configuration.

Beside the standard product we can also make particular seatbelts for situations for your customers. That way we can make very unique items customers cannot buy anywhere else.

We stand for service and good quality products. Are you?

Would you like to become a reseller of our products?
That is possible and depending on your volume you will be divided into a discount group. If you want to make use of this, please contact our customer service at customerservice@seatbeltspecialist.com