Questions about Seat belts
 Can I use the automatic 3-point belt?
 I cannot unwind my seat belt
 Do you also assemble?
  How should seat belts be fitted? What are the requirements from the government - article code
Replace belt strap
 How does this work?
 When will I receive my shipping label?
 Can I get a discount as a company?
My question is not listed.
 Can I also make contact by phone?
 What is the delivery time?
Returns / complaints
 How many days can I return my products?
 My order is older than 14 days, can I still return my products?
 My product is broken. What can I do to get a new one?
 Can I also exchange my product (s)?
 Is it free to return?
 Where should I send my products?
 How soon can I expect my purchase amount back?
 What if I cannot resolve my complaint with you?
Seat belts in cars (oldtimers)
 Seat belt requirement