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3 puntgordel zwart met rode rand 3 puntgordel zwart met rode rand
3-point Seat Belt Black with red Type A Safetybelt / Car Seatbelt
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3-Point Seatbelt / Safetybelt / Car Seatbelt. Safety First! This 3-point Belt does have an E4 QualityMark. Only suitable with vertical assembly and without any electronics connected.

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NOTE: basic price is without receiver, discount bundles complete set are at the bottom of this page 

Type: 3-point belt automatic 
Material: polyester / steel 
Buckle: 3mm thick  
Belt strap length: 2,95 meters 
Receiver length: various lengths available, from 22 cm to 46 cm 
Total length: 3.00 meters (~ 0,58 cm belt strap is outside the cassette) 
Belt strap color: black - 46-48 mm wide 
Metal tongue: 21 mm wide (can be combined with receiver Type A) 
Automatic: yes 
Mandatory mounting angle: 90 ° (see manual) 

Note: montageoog 12mm, without a thread 

Quality mark: E24 (belt is provided with sewn-on label to the belt band)
Vehicle category: M1, M2, M2, N1 and N2 
Suitable for: General use 
Suitable for positions: LV (driver), RV (co-driver), LA and RA (rear seat, outer rear seats)  

This seat belt / 3 point belt is E24 approved and highly easy to install yourself. A 3-point safety belt is a complete belt as we know it today. Due to the E24 quality mark, this belt can and may be installed in cars, trucks, campers, electric vehicles, etc. according to the rules in the Netherlands.  


This 3-point belt must be placed VERTICAL (in a 90 ° position). You can use this belt if your original belt does not have any electronic connections (eg with the Airbag in your door pillar). If your original belt is equipped with electronic connections or a gas cartridge, the belt replacement can be a solution for you. More information about the option can be found here on our site. 

We can also provide customization. A lot is possible (male or female lace can be specified in length). Mail us the lengths you need. Take into account a longer delivery time. With a custom order, € 15.00 is charged in custom work surcharge and a custom product can no longer be returned. 

Do you have questions or a customized wish? Please contact us through the various contact options. We would like to receive the desired product and the desired lengths. We will then give you an estimate of the delivery time. 


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